Souls Speak

My new book, Souls Speak, was published in July 2019, and updated in May 2023. It is an astonishing paranormal, true-crime story about missing children who identify their serial killer from beyond.

I worked with three very experienced mediums who each independently revealed an astounding story from the non-physical unknown realm.  The children identify their killer by name, and the killer admits he committed the murders.

The dramatic conclusion details serial killer John Wayne Gacy’s deathbed confession heard by a friend and business partner just hours before the killer’s execution in Illinois.

Prepare yourself. This true story strains the limits of human understanding. Souls Speaks details the astonishing paranormal investigation into one of America’s most vexing mysteries.

This paranormal journey will challenge your boundaries of reality and broaden your understanding of the nature of good and evil, across the totality of God’s impossibly complex creation.

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Lost Boys of Hannibal

In 1967, the largest cave search in US history unfolded in historic Hannibal, Missouri, the boyhood home of author Mark Twain. Three modern day Tom Sawyers, with no caving expertise but an abundance of bravado, made Hannibal ground zero for a terrifying calamity that would leave its traumatic mark for half a century. Joel Hoag, his brother Billy, and their friend Craig Dowell vanished after exploring a vast and complex maze cave system that had been exposed by highway construction. Fifty years later, their fate remains the ultimate unsolved mystery.

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