My New Book – Souls Speak – is Coming in Days

My new book, Souls Speak, will be published the week of July 4th. It is an astonishing paranormal, true-crime story about missing children who identify their serial killer from beyond.

I worked with three very experienced clairvoyants who each independently revealed an astounding story from the non-physical realm. The children identify their killer by name, and the killer admits he committed the murders.

Prepare yourself. This true story strains the limits of human understanding. Souls Speaks details the astonishing paranormal investigation into one of America’s most vexing mysteries.

This paranormal journey will challenge your boundaries of reality and broaden your understanding of the nature of good and evil, across the totality of God’s impossibly complex creation.

Souls Speak will be available on Amazon around July 3rd or 4th.

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Letters of Encouragement and Sympathy

The May issue of Hannibal Magazine has an interesting article related to my last book, Lost Boys of Hannibal. It details the many letters of encouragement and sympathy sent to the boy’s families in 1967. I held these letters in my hands three weeks ago; wish they’d been available when I wrote the book. The letters are now in the possession of the Hannibal History Museum.

The article begins on page 15.

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Upcoming Book

Hello and welcome to, my author blog. This is a great place to visit to learn more about my upcoming book and read excerpts. The story details the astonishing paranormal investigation into the disappearances of many midwest children and their suspected serial killer.

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I’ll be posting more information very soon.