The Mind of a Serial Killer

Serial killers have no empathy nor the ability to feel empathy. They are utterly devoid of humanity and see people as inanimate objects, mere props in their depraved and evil theatrics. At any given time, the FBI estimates there are fifty serial killers roaming loose across the US. Most of them will never be caught.

My upcoming book, Souls Speak, details the astonishing year-long paranormal investigation linking one of America’s most deadly serial killers with the abductions, torture and strangulation of, perhaps, five midwestern children from the late 1960s to 1977. The bodies have never been found, but our probe identified the likely site where some of them are buried.

The killer’s name? John Wayne Gacy, convicted for the murders of thirty-three young men and boys between the years 1972-1978 in Cook County Illinois. But how could he contain his killing to that time period when psychiatrists agree Gacy was incapable of controlling his murderous alter ego – Bad Jack? He couldn’t. Our investigation found he was likely killing years before his Chicago murder spree, and that his evil nature was revealing itself as early as age fifteen when he sexually molested and threatened to kill a nine-year-old boy, at a small resort in southern Wisconsin.

Prepare yourself. The preternatural story told in Souls Speak is true, and I describe events exactly as they occurred. This journey will challenge your boundaries of reality and broaden your understanding of the nature of both good and evil, across the totality of God’s impossibly complex creation.

Souls Speak will be published this summer by Calumet Editions.

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