My New Book, Souls Speak, is Published!

New Book Reveals Astonishing Investigation into
Fate of Missing Midwestern Boys

Christian clairvoyants expose famous serial killer

Minneapolis, Minn. – A new book, Souls Speak: Missing Children Reveal Their Serial Killer from Beyond by John Wingate, documents the astonishing investigation conducted with a team of three evidential clairvoyants who independently identified three missing Hannibal, Missouri boys as being among serial killer John Wayne Gacy’s first victims, many years before the madman’s 1972-1978 Chicago murder spree claimed the lives of 33 young men and boys.

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“This year-long investigation identified details about the killer, John Gacy, the boys’ abduction, torture and murders, and the location of their shared grave,” Wingate said. “One of the psychics also identified Gacy as the likely killer of two Monroe City, Missouri boys; John Wagner missing since February 1968 and Rickey Enochs who vanished in June 1977.”

According to Souls Speak, the three Hannibal boys, Joel Hoag, 13, Billy Hoag, 11, and Craig Dowell, 14, were abducted, tortured, killed and buried soon after they vanished May 10, 1967.

“Incredibly, each clairvoyant corroborated the others’ findings,” Wingate explained. Wingate later challenged them by independently driving each medium around northeast Missouri on separate dates during August and September of 2018. “I was astonished by what I discovered,” Wingate said. “All three women, unknown to each other, identified the same key locations and Gacy’s actions with the three boys.”

The astounding preternatural probe rewrites the long-believed outcome of the missing children case. The boys were last seen playing in and around caves exposed during construction of State Highway 79 in south Hannibal. Their disappearance sparked the largest cave search in US history, the topic of Wingate’s previous book, Lost Boys of Hannibal. The conventional wisdom has been the boys were victims of a calamitous ceiling collapse in a cave.

The clairvoyant women – ages 26 to 31 – had no previous knowledge of John Wayne Gacy, nor had they read Wingate’s previous book to learn facts about the May 10, 1967 incident. All three are committed Christians, dedicated to using their clairvoyant gifts to help others.

Citing FBI documents, the book identifies the reason why Gacy was in Hannibal in 1967, when the Hoag and Dowell boys went missing.

Key information from the year-long investigation has been provided to the Hannibal Police Department and the Ralls County Sheriff’s Department.

Souls Speak: Missing Children Reveal Their Serial Killer From Beyond is published by Calumet Editions of Minneapolis. The book is available on and through local bookstores.…AMAZON.COMSouls Speak: missing children reveal their serial killer from beyond“Souls Speak” details the astonishing paranormal investigation into the fate of three boys believed lost in the vast caves beneath historic Hannibal, Missouri. A year-long investigation involving three evidential clairvoyants independently identified the boys as the earliest victims of serial kil…