The Abduction – May 10, 1967

This is the route taken by serial killer John Wayne Gacy after he abducted three boys in historic Hannibal, Missouri the early evening of May 10, 1967.

Gacy’s route out of Hannibal

That’s a finding from the year-long paranormal investigation documented in Souls Speak: Missing Children Reveal Their Serial Killer from Beyond.

At the time, Gacy was 25 and living in Waterloo, Iowa. Until now, his only known kills were the 33 young men and boys in Cook County, Illinois between 1972-78. But I found Gacy’s evil was emerging as early as age 15 in 1957. And his prosecutor and psychiatrist, and most other authorities connected with his case, agree that he could not control his killer demon named Jack. This means Gacy was likely killing elsewhere when he lived in Springfield, IL and Waterloo, Iowa, and during travels to Arkansas and Florida. He was a completely depraved shell of a human being. He killed as easily as you might swat a mosquito. As his psychiatrist said, “He saw people as inanimate objects.”

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