Here’s an excerpt from Souls Speak!

“Eternity it seems does not start at death; we have been in eternity for our entire lives, this continuum of earthly life to death to eternal life into which we are born. The Bible speaks of us as merely a vapor. Indeed, life on earth, for those blessed with the gift of many decades, is but a nanosecond compared to the eternity of life beyond.

During her preternatural experiences, Mary has seen angels and guardian angels who specifically protect us and chilling demonic forces like Gacy seeking to destroy us. She has frequent contact with what she calls intelligent spirits, the immaterial energetic beings who can respond to questions, provide detailed information and physically move objects in our three-dimensional world. She believes that souls eternally located in Heaven are able to energetically connect with our world with the help of attentive mediums. In this place of higher energetic frequency, she says, a whole series of unique dramas can play out.

Sometimes, we can see only one side of these dramas from our limited worldly perspective, as the following example I relate to Mary dramatically illustrates. A family friend, Charles,now retired as a professor of biblical history, once related to me an incident his physician father experienced during his work in northern Minnesota.

Doc, now deceased, was a long-time country doctor and a devout Christian. Doc had a patient, Frank, an avowed dyed-in-the-wool atheist who rejected any belief in God. Frank refused to hear any Christian witnessing despite the doctor’s best efforts during the span of many years.

One winter when Frank grew gravely ill, Doc tended him and even sat overnight with the patient in his rural Minnesota home. This was in the 1940s when physicians made house calls and did such things.

The winter night was subzero and quiet until about 3:00 a.m. when Frank suddenly cried out, “Doc, Doc!” The doctor raced up the stairs and into the bedroom to find the sick man sitting bolt upright in bed, his eyes wide open in terror, as he lamented, “The fire, the flames, it’s so hot!”

And once the moment of high drama passed, Frank fell back onto the pillow dead. Doc had seen many miracles in his decades of medical practice, but this supernatural moment was the most soul-chilling ever, as he grieved for Frank’s soul….”

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Upcoming Interview about Souls Speak

On Tuesday, July 30th I did an hour-long interview with the Colorado-based podcast, Paranormal Prowlers. Host Tessa Mauro does a great job. The link to the show will be available beginning Monday, August 12. I’ll be sure to post the link at that time.

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Great new review for Souls Speak!

I can’t stop thinking about Souls Speak. This proved to be a uniquely compelling read that I just couldn’t put down! John Wingate’s loyalty to his childhood friends, Joel, Billy, and Craig, who disappeared in Hannibal, Missouri on May 10, 1967, is pretty straight forward and admirable. The most common belief has been that they had disappeared into the cave system and that’s probably where they still were, which is detailed in Wingate’s first book, The Lost Boys of Hannibal.

Then, along came these three psychics, who totally rocked his world with the news that John Wayne Gacy abducted and murdered the boys. That’s where the author’s faith struggle begins. As he journeys through the investigation unraveling the psychic mysteries behind the Hoag and Dowell boys’ disappearances, the author runs a parallel exploration of Christian principles in his personal search for a faith comfort zone in handling this new information. As with his first book, Wingate’s research is impeccable.

I adore Wingate’s writing style. He takes you with him as he travels through Hannibal separately with each of the three psychics. His descriptions bring pictures to mind, the sentences flow and are written conversationally, with intelligence — the vocabulary choices are masterful! He conveys tender compassion for the boys and their families, respect for the psychics, and disdain for Gacy and his evil. It’s such a pleasurable read — albeit a shocking addendum to his first book!

This excerpt from Chapter 10 really strikes a chord:

“Eternity it seems does not start at death; we have been in eternity for our entire lives, this continuum of earthly life to death to eternal life into which we are born. The Bible speaks of us as merely a vapor. Indeed, life on Earth, for those blessed with the gift of many decades, is but a nano second compared to the eternity of life beyond.”

This an amazing true story written by an extremely talented writer who brings every page to life for the reader. I highly recommend Souls Speak!

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A year ago today, Souls Speak became real.

It was on this date a year ago, that I called Lynnie, the oldest sister of the two missing Hoag boys. Her first words were, “John! Gacy killed them! They were his first kills!”

With that startling and chilling statement, the conversation launched me on a year-long odyssey that points to serial killer John Wayne Gacy as the man who abducted, tortured, and strangled three Hannibal boys, then buried them in a single hastily dug grave. The location, preserved with GPS coordinates, is only a few miles from where Joey and Billy Hoag, and their friend Edwin Dowell, were last seen on the early evening of May 10, 1967.

My new book, Souls Speak: missing children reveal their serial killer from beyond is the product of the year-long probe, conducted with three experienced clairvoyants who peered across the boundary between this world and the heavenlies and connected with the etheric spiritual energy of the boys and Gacy himself.

The Hoag boys were friends of mine, and over these past five decades their families and many friends have grieved them.

Writing about the missing boys incident has brought its challenges. A relative of Edwin Dowell has sent threatening messages promising harm to me and my family. The relative, only a little boy when the three Hannibal boys went missing, is still engaging in juvenile behavior. My team’s sole goal is to find the boys so they may be put to rest. Idle threats will not deter us because there are many people supportive of these efforts, even if this relative does not share our pursued goal.

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Excerpt from Souls Speak

Souls Speak: Missing Children Reveal Their Serial Killer from Beyond (Wisdom Editions, 2019)

“A most astonishing series of events began to unfold during the late spring and summer of 2018 that fingered John Wayne Gacy as the abductor and killer of the Hoag and Dowell boys.

Equally astounding are the sources of this shocking revelation. Identical stories were told to me by three women intuitive mediums, two in Missouri and one living on a ranch in the state of Wyoming. Within a two-month period, these women independently had visions of the boys’ abductions and murders by Gacy. This information, they explained, was sensed as they channeled the immaterial vibrational energy from the other side in contacts with the etheric spirit of Gacy and the spirits of the missing and long-deceased boys.

In addition, these women believe the boys’ murders were likely Gacy’s first kills, five full years before his murderous spree even began in suburban Chicago. Gacy would have been only twenty-five at the time, barely a man himself. Yet, the Waterloo, Iowa, restaurant manager, married with two small children, was already steeped in a lustful evil that could be sated only by the torture and killing of innocent young boys; true innocents who were denied their lives for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

These psychic sleuths are all sober-minded, responsible, self-described Christian women. Transgressing the veil between worlds, they peered across time and from beyond the chasm between this world and the spiritual realm of the heavenlies to reveal one of the most perplexing and unfathomable experiences of my life….”

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The Abduction – May 10, 1967

This is the route taken by serial killer John Wayne Gacy after he abducted three boys in historic Hannibal, Missouri the early evening of May 10, 1967.

Gacy’s route out of Hannibal

That’s a finding from the year-long paranormal investigation documented in Souls Speak: Missing Children Reveal Their Serial Killer from Beyond.

At the time, Gacy was 25 and living in Waterloo, Iowa. Until now, his only known kills were the 33 young men and boys in Cook County, Illinois between 1972-78. But I found Gacy’s evil was emerging as early as age 15 in 1957. And his prosecutor and psychiatrist, and most other authorities connected with his case, agree that he could not control his killer demon named Jack. This means Gacy was likely killing elsewhere when he lived in Springfield, IL and Waterloo, Iowa, and during travels to Arkansas and Florida. He was a completely depraved shell of a human being. He killed as easily as you might swat a mosquito. As his psychiatrist said, “He saw people as inanimate objects.”

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My New Book, Souls Speak, is Published!

New Book Reveals Astonishing Investigation into
Fate of Missing Midwestern Boys

Christian clairvoyants expose famous serial killer

Minneapolis, Minn. – A new book, Souls Speak: Missing Children Reveal Their Serial Killer from Beyond by John Wingate, documents the astonishing investigation conducted with a team of three evidential clairvoyants who independently identified three missing Hannibal, Missouri boys as being among serial killer John Wayne Gacy’s first victims, many years before the madman’s 1972-1978 Chicago murder spree claimed the lives of 33 young men and boys.

Available now!

“This year-long investigation identified details about the killer, John Gacy, the boys’ abduction, torture and murders, and the location of their shared grave,” Wingate said. “One of the psychics also identified Gacy as the likely killer of two Monroe City, Missouri boys; John Wagner missing since February 1968 and Rickey Enochs who vanished in June 1977.”

According to Souls Speak, the three Hannibal boys, Joel Hoag, 13, Billy Hoag, 11, and Craig Dowell, 14, were abducted, tortured, killed and buried soon after they vanished May 10, 1967.

“Incredibly, each clairvoyant corroborated the others’ findings,” Wingate explained. Wingate later challenged them by independently driving each medium around northeast Missouri on separate dates during August and September of 2018. “I was astonished by what I discovered,” Wingate said. “All three women, unknown to each other, identified the same key locations and Gacy’s actions with the three boys.”

The astounding preternatural probe rewrites the long-believed outcome of the missing children case. The boys were last seen playing in and around caves exposed during construction of State Highway 79 in south Hannibal. Their disappearance sparked the largest cave search in US history, the topic of Wingate’s previous book, Lost Boys of Hannibal. The conventional wisdom has been the boys were victims of a calamitous ceiling collapse in a cave.

The clairvoyant women – ages 26 to 31 – had no previous knowledge of John Wayne Gacy, nor had they read Wingate’s previous book to learn facts about the May 10, 1967 incident. All three are committed Christians, dedicated to using their clairvoyant gifts to help others.

Citing FBI documents, the book identifies the reason why Gacy was in Hannibal in 1967, when the Hoag and Dowell boys went missing.

Key information from the year-long investigation has been provided to the Hannibal Police Department and the Ralls County Sheriff’s Department.

Souls Speak: Missing Children Reveal Their Serial Killer From Beyond is published by Calumet Editions of Minneapolis. The book is available on and through local bookstores.…AMAZON.COMSouls Speak: missing children reveal their serial killer from beyond“Souls Speak” details the astonishing paranormal investigation into the fate of three boys believed lost in the vast caves beneath historic Hannibal, Missouri. A year-long investigation involving three evidential clairvoyants independently identified the boys as the earliest victims of serial kil…

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My New Book – Souls Speak – is Coming in Days

My new book, Souls Speak, will be published the week of July 4th. It is an astonishing paranormal, true-crime story about missing children who identify their serial killer from beyond.

I worked with three very experienced clairvoyants who each independently revealed an astounding story from the non-physical realm. The children identify their killer by name, and the killer admits he committed the murders.

Prepare yourself. This true story strains the limits of human understanding. Souls Speaks details the astonishing paranormal investigation into one of America’s most vexing mysteries.

This paranormal journey will challenge your boundaries of reality and broaden your understanding of the nature of good and evil, across the totality of God’s impossibly complex creation.

Souls Speak will be available on Amazon around July 3rd or 4th.

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A great review for Souls Speak!

“Here’s another advance review for my upcoming book Souls Speak!

“The author’s investigative prowess and candid transparency will give even the staunchest skeptic reason to seriously consider the astonishing discoveries examined in this book. The paranormal, true-crime story is chilling, mind-bending, unforgettable and not readily explained in any other way. Read this book!”

Souls Speak will be published in ten days or so.

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